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Why would you rent a proxy?

In lay terms, what does it meant to rent a proxy? Imagine you need to be in a place to manage a business and you physically cannot be there. You could have someone streaming to you a live video feed of that place and act on your behalf. Everyone in that place would see your representative there – your proxy. The camera being concealed and the proxy not disclosing his role, everybody in that place would not be aware of your “presence”.

Any similar internet use case that involves internet services (be that a website, a streaming or other service) would make use of an IPv4 or IPv6 proxy server. If you have not read our previous article, here is a short reminder on IPv4 and IPv6. IPv4 is the current internet addressing system that ran out of IP numbers available for assignment a couple of years ago. While it is still largely used, the future will see its sunset Mark our words: IPv4 will be phased out!

IPv6 is the new internet addressing system that can handle billions more addresses than IPv4 and is not natively compatible with IPv4 networks.

When unsure about the proxy you would need (IPv4 or IPv6), the safer choice is IPv4 as IPv4 is still widely used and any service on IPv6 is available on IPv4 too. Proxy rental has a few advantages over running your own (assuming you are willing to invest the time and resources in setting one up):

Proxy providers have a variety of IPs that include static IP (same IP for as long as you need them), rotating IPs (the IP address you run your requests through changes at determined intervals of seconds or minutes) and residential IPs (IPs that are registered as being assigned for private homes use to an internet service provider – ISP);

Private proxy rental services that offer static or rotating IPs have servers hosted in secure datacenters and the large ones have enterprise level security. Residential IPs might not be hosted in datacenters so their security is questionable;

Most proxy service offer multiple locations you can rent your proxy in. You can change the location when you need to. When running your own proxy, you are stuck with the same location.

Reliable”rent a proxy” services would offer private proxies, that do not disclose that they act as proxies and would not be detected as such and that you get exclusive use on for as long as you are renting them;

And of course, by renting proxy servers you avoid the setup fees, the initial costs and the learning curve. Long story short, renting a proxy provides flexibility in usage, cost and time efficiency to get the task done.

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